Smartphone growth accelerates

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Smartphone growth accelerates

While sales of handhelds without phone extension are in a free fall, Smartphones are quickly gaining in popularity. UK market research firm Canalys reports that global shipments were up 105 percent year-over-year in the second quarter of this year.

Nokia dominates the segment with a growth of more than 240 percent year-over-year. The company sold 6.70 million smartphones in the second quarter and grabbed a market share of 55 percent. Palm was able to slow the decline of its sales with the latest Treo smartphones, which posted shipment gains of more than 200 percent compared to last year.

Palm’s sales were 1.06 million smartphones which gave the company 8.7 percent market share – less than half of the share the firm held in Q2 2004 (18.0 percent). Rim has almost caught up with Palm – Blackberry sales grew from about 488,000 to 897,000 and the company is on track to reach its first quarter selling more than a million devices later this year. RIM holds a global market share of 7.4 percent, according to Canalys. (THG)