Review: VUSE Alto®

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Times have changed. Smoking is to vaping as the giant stacks of the industrial revolution are to smart phones. One device is leading the pack in terms of design and functionality: VUSE Alto®.

When you first receive the VUSE Alto Original Kit, it opens up like a book. There’s a lot of subtle detail in the presentation that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s right there when you first open up the packaging, the box contains the USB charger, power unit, and an Original flavor pod.

The pods hold the ultimate reason to buy VUSE Alto, the satisfying flavor replaces the experience of cigarette smoking. VUSE Alto pods are long-lasting and contain 1.8 mL of liquid, which is slightly more than similar pods from other products in this category. The pods have a noticeably well-designed mouthpiece, meaning it doesn’t get in the way of a good draw.

VUSE Alto offers a seamless, natural and comfortable switch from traditional smoking. At the base of the pod is Alto’s QuickConnect, a magnetic connector that easily secures it to the power unit. In fact, all the connectors on VUSE Alto are magnetic. It’s a very cool feature that you might take for granted, but it shows attention to the design detail and it is much appreciated.

The HeatChamber™ features a ceramic wick with an alloy heating element. It’s a nice piece of engineering that has the benefit of delivering a consistent, full cloud of vapor almost instantaneously. There’s something about the design that makes every draw a pleasure. The technology here doesn’t let you down.

The VUSE Alto body is beautifully shaped, fitting into your hands like a cigarette, very light and manageable. It looks very high-tech and modern. Here’s another one of the reasons that the VUSE Alto really stands out: the battery. It can go for up to a whole day without needing to be charged. Even when you have to charge it, you have enough cord length that you can stick into the USB drive and continue to vape. You’re free and untethered, just the way it should be.

There’s a useful LED embedded in the body to show when the Alto is working, when you are taking a draw, and also when the battery needs to be charged. You take these nice tech touches for granted, but I appreciate them when I see them in any product. The little things matter. VUSE also offers additional flavors on their website, such as menthol and mixed berry. The Alto pods are reasonably priced at two for just $13.49.

Now, I have used my VUSE Alto for a couple of weeks. Everything has worked out as I first expected. I got good clouds of vapor. I had long lasting taste and an excellent power supply. I didn’t even have to think about it. The VUSE Alto, like all great works of engineering, does its job well, gets out of your way, and lets you dictate the experience. I’m enjoying the ride and leaving everyone else behind because I’ve got the power and fuel to do it. If you’re thinking about switching from cigarettes, you can’t go wrong with the VUSE Alto, especially if you like the idea of not being secondary to the technology and just want a satisfying vape experience.