Apple fixes OS X Leopard 10.5.6 installation problems

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Apple fixes OS X Leopard 10.5.6 installation problems

Cupertino (CA) – Some Mac users who ran the latest OS X Leopard update installation file found out that the software installation quits halfway through the process, causing potential problems due to a partially updated system. Apple acknowledged the installation issue and offers instructions on how to remove partially deleted installation files from a system folder and re-download the update again.

The most recent OS X Leopard update has been plagued with software issues that can cause the installation to hang when updating through OS X’s built-in Software Update feature. It appears that prior to posting the 10.5.6 update Apple has been aware of possible as because the included software release notes addresses “issues” with the update and specifically explains a scenario in which the Software Update mechanism unexpectedly quits. Unfortunately, this information was too late who did not read the release notes before running the installation file.

The company recently posted a new technical note that talks about the problems with the Software Update mechanism. “When attempting to update software using Software Update in Mac OS X 10.5, the update process may stop responding while ‘Configuring installation’ is visible in the update window,” Apple wrote. “This can occur if Software Update attempts to install an update that was only partially downloaded.”

The company told users who have been hit with the issue to either quit the Software Update (or Force Quit if the application does not respond) or shut down their system by holding down the power button if the issue occurs while installing the update, and then power the computer back on. Users should then delete the downloaded update files found in the /Library/Updates folder and use the Software Update again to re-download and install the update.

The Software Update issue with partially downloaded installation files affects all versions of OS X Leopard prior to 10.5.6. Users who experience the same issue when re-running the Software Update after deleting partially downloaded 10.5.6 installation files are recommended to manually download an incremental (372 MB) or a combo (668 MB) update from Apple’s website.