Catalyst 7.9 introduces Avivo Video Converter on Vista 64

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Catalyst 7.9 introduces Avivo Video Converter on Vista 64

AMD has released a new version of its driver package for Radeon graphics cards. Version 7.9 offers brings a range of performance improvements for games, mostly relating to Crossfire and non-Crossfire configurations for the 2000-series of Radeons under Far Cry, Call of Duty 2, Half-Life 2 and Serious Sam 2. X1600, X1650 Pro, X1300 and X1550 cards should see a speed gain of about 9% when playing Quake 4 with Anti-Aliasing enabled, AMD said.

More interestingly, the new driver introduces the Avivo Video Converter for the Windows Vista 64-bit. The Avivo Video Converter is embedded in the Catalyst Control Center and allows the user to select the video input file and video output format, along with the quality level and file location. Supported output formats include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/DivX, WMA, H.264/AVC and more.

AMD said that Catalyst 7.9 also comes with the new Color Temperature Control tool for Radeon X1000 Series and Radeon HD 2000 series of products to adjust the chromatic level shown on a display.

The Linux Catalyst 7.9 will be released soon, AMD said, and will be the firm’s first driver to support the Radeon HD 2000 series. According to the manufacturer, there will be a range of OpenGL game improvements and a few resolved issues concerning the TV-out size and position, HP CAT and the X server.