Hitachi offers new NAS-aimed multimedia search

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Hitachi offers new NAS-aimed multimedia search

Southborough (MA) – The embedded business group division of Hitachi has teamed up with digital home technology provider Blue Peach to offer the NAS Digital Media Server, the flagship device offering the two companies’ new multimedia content management system.

With the new system, users are able to tag videos and music on a digital media server with keywords and other earmarks, which can then be recalled through an internal search or filter tool.

The new Entier database is a next-generation content management architecture that would allow manufacturers of other media storage devices to include more effective search and browse functions for users to find the piece of media they’re searching for.

According to Hitachi, the new system allows users to search for content with several different filters, other than tagged text. For example, users can search for music that is of a certain tempo, or filter out movies with specific MPAA ratings. Progressive text search entry also adds next-gen functionality to the system, as possible search results are displayed dynamically changing to the search text that is entered.