AMD to launch Barcelona quad-core on September 10

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AMD to launch Barcelona quad-core on September 10

Chicago (IL) – AMD today sent out emails inviting analysts, media and industry representatives to what the company calls “the most anticipated premiere of 2007”.

In Pictures: Barcelona – Architecture details …

 Barcelona will not arrive one day too early: While the company does not explicitly mention the new quad-core as the proponent of its announcement, there is little doubt what will be announced on this day. Matching a report published by the Inquirer published in June, AMD will unveil its new quad-core architecture, which the company so desperately needs to restore its competitiveness in the 2P server market and prepare itself for the arrival of Intel’s Tigerton processor in the 4P segment.


If the Inquirer is right, then Barcelona will arrive with clock speeds of up to 2.0 GHz, while faster versions with up to 2.4 GHz are expected to be available during the fourth quarter of the year. If AMD keeps its promise of avoiding a paper launch, then Barcelona-based systems should be available for purchase beginning at launch or the day right after it, September 11.

The question now is when AMD will be able to follow up and bring the Barcelona architecture to the desktop. We were told by AMD representatives that Phenom will follow 60 to 90 days after Barcelona, which puts the introduction of the chip into the mid-November to mid-December time frame.

The Barcelona launch event will be held in San Francisco’s Presidio, beginning at 6:30 PM on September 10.