Bungie speculates on source of Halo 2 leak

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Bungie speculates on source of Halo 2 leak

As the gaming world comes to terms with Halo 2’s dramatic leak nearly a month ahead of release, developer Bungie has quietly responded by way of an updated warning on its community forum, which promises to ban gamers who posted leaked information or spoilers, and even ban certain Xbox Live gamertags from the game’s online component.

Responding to news of the leaked version – which has been circulating in various illegal channels since yesterday – the developer said, “It would seem that the French PAL version of the game has surfaced on the Internet.” As for its origins: “This is almost positively the work of some jerk in the manufacturing plant who pocketed the game as it is being printed in mass for world release on the 9th of November,” the update concluded.

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