A mouse for all surfaces, IOGEAR releases five-button USB device

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A mouse for all surfaces, IOGEAR releases five-button USB device

Irvine (CA) – Touting five programmable buttons and a 1600 dpi sensor, IOGEAR’s new USB laser mouse joins Logitech and Razer in the burgeoning field of laser-driven mouse devices.

Traditional optical mice bounce red LED light to a sensor inside the chassis. Movement is detected by variations in light levels, but glass and other shiny surfaces tend to give optical mice trouble. Such surfaces disperse and deflect LED light before it hits the sensor, causing movement to be misinterpreted or even ignored.

According to IOGEAR, its new device utilizes a so-called Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL), which provides up to 30 times more tracking power over all types of surfaces, including glass. The VCSEL projects a tighter beam than LED, enabling the sensor to pick up surface changes in much greater detail.

IOGEAR’s five programmable buttons can be set to launch common applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and its shortcut wheel functions can be customized. With the included software and drivers, application-specific shortcut keys can be assigned to perform different tasks.

Aida Causevic, PR representative for IOGEAR thinks that the new mouse will work well for people on the move, and who have to make due with whatever mouse surface is presented to them. “This is perfect for travel. When you are working in compact places like Starbucks, you usually can’t just whip out a mouse pad,” said Causevic.

A few companies have jumped on the laser mouse bandwagon since Logitech introduced its MX1000 in September 2004. IOGEAR’s full-sized mouse follows up on the company’s release of a travel-sized laser mouse last month.

The IOGEAR USB Laser Mouse has a suggested retail price of $39.95, and is available now. (THG)