How to Improve the Performance of my Home Air Conditioning System

If you purchased a good quality AC unit it should give you great service for more than a decade. If not there might be good reasons that it is not other than a faulty unit. Here are some reasons why your unit might not be functioning at its highest performance level lately. And what you can do to correct things.

Have it Serviced Regularly

Your home air conditioning system is a finely tuned unit that needs regular service to ensure it is running at peak performance. Your AC manufacturer should have provided you with a written maintenance schedule that require a technician to come and replace any worn out parts and check everything from the condenser and AC, units to the ducting and vents of your unit. When you don’t have your unit regularly serviced there can be small problems that occur that can easily turn into big ones.

You should also call for service any time there is something unusual going on with your AC. Has its performance diminished recently? Has it been making any strange sounds, or bad smells? Have you seen water collecting anywhere? Has the unit been turning off on its own or not responding well? All of these and any other unusual issues with your AC unit means you should call for service immediately. Check your maintenance schedule and make sure that you are not overdue. If so or if any issues are developing call a technician immediately.

Make Sure You Are Leak Free

Sometimes your AC is working perfectly however you have a window or door open or there are leaks in the room where the AC is, causing it to not be able to cool the room well. Check your room for any drafts, open windows or leaks and when you find them make sure that you close open windows and repair drafts. These cause your AC unit to work harder and not as effectively. This will also cause you to need to service the unit more frequently and may even impact the lifespan of the unit. So got to this immediately and stop those leaks!

Replace Older AC Units

One thing to keep in mind as you work on trying to get your AC up to top working conditions is that ACs like all electronic appliances become less efficient over time. What this means is that you will get lower quality service and cooling from your AC unit over time and it will cost you more in electric bills as well. Air conditioners more than 12 years old are likely to be running well below their top efficiency and will not be able to regain their nest quality no matter how much maintenance they receive. For this reason it is best to replace you old unit with a newer high efficiency one.

In addition to you getting better air quality and a better functioning unit, newer high-quality AC units are much more efficient than older units resulting in sometimes up to 20% savings on your electric costs each month. In addition, newer units have great new features including remote operation from your cell phone, electronic thermostats that allow you to get more precise cooling, variable motors that are much more efficient, fast cooling, and auto-cleaning functions. As a result, you end up with a better unit that also saves you money.