Many music execs against DRM – survey

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Many music execs against DRM - survey

Culver City (CA) – Most music executives are against DRM, according to a survey done by Jupiter Research. From December to January, Jupiter polled executives of large and small record labels along with executives of digital rights bodies and online music stores in Europe of found that 54% thought DRM systems were overly restrictive. The vast majority, 62%, believed that completely dropping DRM would increase revenues.

While almost two-thirds of those surveyed wanted to eliminate DRM, the results are predictably split among executives of the music industry and those of the technology sector. 48% percent of music executives wanted to eliminate DRM, while a whopping 78% of technology execs expressed the same sentiment.

Despite the numbers, Mr. Mulligan from Jupiter Research says record labels will continue using DRM for the foreseeable future. He told the BBC, “the record labels are not about to drop DRM” even though the companies are making themselves “less compelling” by using the DRM protection.

The survey results come as other notable executives like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Macrovision’s Fred Amoroso spout off about the evils and benefits of DRM. In an open letter last week, Jobs said that he would favor the elimination of DRM and would like to port iTunes songs to all players. Fred Amoroso publicly responded by saying that DRM actually added value to music and videos.