Lenovo wants to take on Apple’s MacBook Air

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Lenovo wants to take on Apple’s MacBook Air

Lenovo wants to take on Apple’s sleek and sexy MacBook Air with devices like the Windows-powered ThinkPad X1.

According to Lenovo COO Rory Read, the ThinkPad X1 epitomizes the slick, (Intel-based) Ultrabook design slated to hit mainstream price points sometime in the near future.

“Lenovo will invest in innovation to be a leader in that space and that will drive demand. No doubt,” Read said in a conference called transcribed by CNET.

“You’ll see us introduce over the coming quarters the ability to reach mainstream price points with [Ultrabook] solutions that were only 18 months ago in premium segments. That’s just a natural evolution of the space.”

Interestingly enough, Read was somewhat tight-lipped about mainstream pricing, as he didn’t specify an actual range, which typically hovers around (or under) $1,000.

“I wouldn’t say [this will happen] by the end of the year necessarily but… [it’s] definitely going to happen.” 

Meanwhile, in (somewhat) related news, DigiTimes is reporting that Intel will delay the launch of its next-gen netbook platform – dubbed Cedar Trail-M – from September to November.

The platform is rumored to have encountered certain graphics driver issues, leaving it initially unable to pass certification for Windows 7.