Archetype FPS frags the iPhone

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Archetype FPS frags the iPhone

Villain is fraggin’ the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with its multiplayer Archetype first-person shooter (FPS).

The $3 game – which boasts console-style “Pwnage” on a mobile platform – also offers special support for the iPhone 4’s retina display technology. 

“Archetype takes full advantage of [the iPhone 4’s] ‘retina display,’ which results in [players] experiencing an exceptionally phenomenal view of their fragging glory,” said Dane Baker, Lead Producer at Villain.

“[And] up to ten gamers can play a team deathmatch anywhere, [by] instantly adding and challenging buddies. [In addition, our] portable iPwnage [supports] online FPS gaming over Wi-Fi, 3G and even Edge.”

According to Baker, players begin the game as lowly cadets and join team-based deathmatches to earn higher ranks as they build a reputation, accumulate experience points and win medals. 

With two to five players per team, up to ten players can battle online across Archetype’s five large multiplayer maps — from Wrath’s vertical combat and Invidia’s close quarters firefights to Acdia’s sprawling, unsymmetrical layout. 

The game features six unique weapon types ranging from rapid-fire guns, advanced missile launchers, a brutal melee axe and two distinct grenade types including a “split-strike” grenade that splits in two every time it bounces, dealing wider damage to take out opposing squads.

Archetype also offers player rank-based matchmaking to ensure balanced teams, along with comprehensive buddy lists and radar-based enemy tracking to help players coordinate team-based attacks.