60 Mbps residential Internet service from Charter Communications

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60 Mbps residential Internet service from Charter Communications

St. Louis (MO) – Today, Charter Communications announced that St. Louis will be the first city to receive its 60 Mbps Internet service, which they claim is the fastest available residential service in the United States “from any multiple system cable and telecom provider.” While St. Louis will see this High-Speed Internet Ultra60 service, the rest of the service area covered by Charter will soon experience Charter High-Speed Internet Max, which ranges from 16 Mbps to 20 Mbps, as it is rolled out over time.  Charter also claims their Internet speed will scale as the Internet grows.

The Ultra60 and Internet Max options are both scalable, according to Charter. Ted Schremp, Charter’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Not only are we delivering the fastest speed today, but our infrastructure has the capacity to support even higher speeds as demand and usage grow. Charter’s ability to provide increasingly greater bandwidth is critical to our customers’ use and enjoyment of the Internet and delivers greater value. It also highlights our growing superiority over DSL service.”

According to the press release, “Charter is using DOCSIS 3.0 technology for Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 launches, which also serves as the foundation to offer even faster connections in the future.”

Charter’s existing Internet Max customers will soon be receiving the 16 Mbps to 20 Mbps upgrade free of charge as Charter implements the technology around the United States markets over time. For now, however, St. Louis will be Charter’s only 60 Mbps “poster child” city in America.

The Ultra60 service allows a 4GB HD movie to be downloaded completely in 9.1 minutes. A 2m30s HD movie trailer could be downloaded in 1.3 seconds. Verizon’s current FiOS fiber-optic service operates at 50 Mbps max, which is the same speed as Comcast’s fastest offering, both of which would allow the 4GB HD movie to be downloaded in 10.9 minutes, with the 2m30s HD trailer downloaded in 1.6 seconds. Downloading a 4GB HD movie with service speeds of 16 Mbps and 20 Mbps would require 34.1 minutes and 27.3 minutes, respectively.

See Charter’s press release.