Study: Most people could not care less about global warming

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Study: Most people could not care less about global warming

Chicago (IL) – Though I have already gathered this due to the increasing number and types of comments appearing on TG Daily, a recent Pew Center Report indicates there are not many things individuals care less about right now than global warming.

The report consisted of a 1,503 adult poll conducted between January 7 and 11 on cell phones and landlines. Even though the media continues to report on global warming, it would appear the level of coverage is out of proportion to public interest. At Christmas time for instance, the purchase of SUVs and trucks was up, selling more than cars as the price of gas declined again.

The Pew Center Report showed that the number of individuals who now consider global warming a “top priority” has decline in two years by eight percent. The feeling that there is a need to protect the environment has dropped fifteen percent since last year, and twenty two percent since 2001.

In addition, public opinion doesn’t seem to sway renewable energy efforts like solar and wind as the cleantech industries have been hit hard due to the recession. Obama’s stint in office will aid the cleantech industries – if campaign promises and early signs carry forward that is. In the future, this lack of concern from the public could be damaging, but not in most of our lifetimes – which is why it is so easy for people to turn the other way.

Individuals are also skeptical to believe in global warming because there are so many theories on both sides suggesting global warming either could or could not be real, and even more questioning whether or not if could affect humans. Most consumers with more pressing and immediate issues like as the economy tend to put global warming and its doomsday concepts out of sight and out of mind. Plus, the concept that the warming earth is simply a result of planetary trends is also very comforting to many.

Personally, I believe that global warming exists, and I do all I personally can to protect the environment, conserve energy, and reuse my resources. Since I cannot assume this for all of our readers, what is your opinion?

See the Pew Center report for their full, comprehensive analysis of the data set, and this overview of Pew Center’s report by FoxNews.