Google: Spam on rise again after bust in November

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Google: Spam on rise again after bust in November

Mountain View (CA) – Today, Google’s Enterprise blog posted an article which shows that spam is once again on the rise, up 156% since November following a massive sting which reduced spam email significantly. While no scales are specifically given, graphs indicate spam levels fell to roughly half of what they were prior to the November sting operation, but have once again risen to levels comparable with the lowest months seen in 2008 (August/September). And in 2009, the trend is still rising.

The data shows how many more spam emails are being blocked for each individual user in 2008 as compared with 2006 and 2007 data. In 2006, for example, a cumulative total of approximately 22,500 spam emails were blocked for each user by year’s end. In 2007 that number increased to approximately 35,000. And in 2008 it is around 45,000 – and this despite a notable downward trend shown in the line shown in/around November, 2008. It might have been 50,000 had that operation not happened.

From the Google Enterprise blog:

“As seen from the roller-coast ride of spam and viruses in 2008, spam has again demonstrated its resiliency. Despite eliminating a major source, spam keeps coming back. Spammers are re-investing with increasing speed to evolve their systems into decentralized, harder-to-detect ecosystems.”

See the entire blog on Google Enterprise, posted by Amanda Kleha, Google Message Security Team.