Macintosh turns 25

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Macintosh turns 25

Cupertino (CA) – The venerable Macintosh, first introduced on January 24, 1984 turned a whopping 25 over the weekend. The Macintosh has evolved over time from its original sleek-yet-boxy, plastic integrated form into some of the sleekest, most beautifully and solidly constructed computers every mass produced today. Apple’s notebooks use an advanced, single-aluminum block machining process to create the Mac finish and integrated design.

Many features now standard in Microsoft’s Windows operating system (and many other operating systems) were first seen on the Mac, including computer graphics and related technologies like proportional space fonts.

The Macintosh was also the first commercially successful computer that did not use a command line interface for its operating system. Apple’s original Macintosh “1984” advertisement, directed by Ridley Scott and released in 1984, is regarded as one of the most revolutionary in the industry.

A young Bill Gates goes on the record stating how much he respects Apple’s Macintosh.

See the original AFP article republished on Google, and a picture of the original Mac OS desktop.

[Note: Ah, the days of monochrome screens, 128KB of memory and 720KB single-sided floppy disks. For those who aren’t old enough to remember the introduction of the original Macintosh, it really was amazing. Apple had their “Apple ][e” computers out about this time, and many schools were using those for teaching with the “Apple Presents Apple” application and its “Why l0 isn’t 10” program to convert typists who used to use a lower-case el for a one and the capital O for zero (many manual typewriters back then did not have a one or zero key). Compared to Apple’s previous offerings, the fully integrated Mac unit was truly remarkable.

While many complained about Macintosh’s one-button mouse and that its screen was too small, there was no denying its ease of use, relatively trouble-free operations – especially compared to command-line interfaces like MS-DOS, and its overall beauty. The 1984 Macintosh was truly a revolutionary product at that time, and Apple continues that trend with new Macs today. -Rick]