Senate getting close to passing June 12 DTV delay bill

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Senate getting close to passing June 12 DTV delay bill

Washington (DC) – Late yesterday, the Senate came very close to hammering out the final details of a bill which would delay the digital TV switch to June 12, 2009. The bill could come to a vote next week.

Last week, Senate Republicans blocked the Democrat’s efforts on a similar bill to push back the February 17, 2009 deadline. However, following the inauguration of President Obama, things seem to have changed.

While Republicans in both the House and Senate have stated that a delay would confuse consumers, the Senate Commerce Committee Chairman, John D. Rockefeller (Democrat from West Virginia), said, “The shameful truth is that we are not poised to do this transition right. We are only weeks away from doing it dreadfully wrong — and leaving consumers with the consequences.”

Rockefeller is the author of the bill to delay the switchover.

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