Bartz gets busy, freezes Yahoo employee salaries

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Bartz gets busy, freezes Yahoo employee salaries

Sunnyvale (CA) – Yahoo’s new CEO, Carol Bartz, hasn’t taken much time to begin shaking things up. Yahoo announced yesterday it would freeze employee pay while taking steps to cut costs and increase the revenues of the somewhat struggling company.

In addition, Yahoo will announce its quarterly fiscal earnings in five days, on January 28. There is some concern over the timing of this announcement since it comes before the quarterly disclosure.

[Editor note: It was announced recently that the new CEO will receive $19 million in salary. About the same time it was announced 750 lay offs would happen at her former employer. The $19M news came just days before this new freezing of employee salaries news. Looks like she’s off to a popular start!]

See the original AFP article republished on Yahoo Tech.