Obama gets to keep his Blackberry – with super encryption

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Obama gets to keep his Blackberry - with super encryption

Washington (DC) – President Barack Obama will be allowed to keep his Blackberry, or some sort of smartphone device after all of the dispute and questioning these recent weeks.

During his entire campaign, Obama never let his Blackberry leave his side, and he was hesitant to hand over the device due to concerns regarding security and espionage. He told CNBC earlier this month that he was hanging on to the device for dear life and that it would have to be pried out of his hands.

The Secret Service and the National Security Agency have determined a way in which the President can keep his device. Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman confirmed this today.

Obama says he utilizes his Blackberry for keeping up with people and not losing contact with the real world.

Obama’s Blackberry will be configured so that its use would be limited and it would be equipped with enhanced security features. It has been reported that the Blackberry will be equipped with top-secret encryption to ensure that his personal messages are not seen while in transit.

The messages on Obama’s phone, however, will more than likely be made public eventually since they would be subject to the Presidential Records Act, though this act does contain an exception clause for messages that are strictly personal.