iPhone and iPod touch get a firing solution

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iPhone and iPod touch get a firing solution

Chicago (IL) – In
case you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the iPhone/iPod
touch uses, think again! We bet Apple engineers never envisioned that
someone might come up with military uses for the two gadgets. So, what
do you get what you mount iPhone or iPod touch to the M110 Sniper Rifle
via a specially crafted mount and then load the accompanying ballistics software? A firing solution, of course. The
combination lets firearm aficionados dynamically calculate firing
solutions with ease, delivering the bullet right in the bull’s eye.

Firing solutions for iPhone and iPod touch
(14 pictures)

thought we’d seen it all, too but this one managed to raise the eyebrows
of Apple-savvy members of our team. According to the original post at The Firearm Blog, the firearm equipment company
called Knight’s Armaments has crafted a mounting system especially
designed to secure Apple’s iPhone and iPod
Touch to a sniper’s riffle. It works really simply: You attach the
gadget to the Knight’s Armament’s mounting system and then attach the
mounting system to a side mounted picatinny rail. As an added benefit,
your gadget slides into an Otterbox protective case that comes with the
mounting system – so it’s kept protected in harsh environments.

Armaments mounting system for iPhone and iPod touch is meant to be used
with the M110 Sniper Rifle. Shooting aficionados will note that
this rifle is the one which phased out the Army’s M24 bolt action sniper system – adding that
the Army currently uses M110 Sniper Rifles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

what could the 7.62 x 51 millimeter semi-automatic sniper rifle do when
paired with iPhone or iPod touch? Well, certainly not playing your
music, although there’s nothing to stop you from doing that while on
the battlefield. Instead, an accompanying App
Store application for the iPhone and iPod touch, entitled BulletFlight,
will turn this unusual combo into a sophisticated ballistic simulator
that can
deliver the precise firing solution with remarkable precision – which is not to be
taken for granted.

The application calculates various parameters that
affect your shot, like the bullet trajectory, distance, weather, and
other parameters for environmental conditions that
might influence trajectory. The application lets you choose previously saved
ammunition and firearm profiles and feed them with real-time
environment data like elevation, air temperature, wind direction,
distance, moisture, etc. The more precise the information and firearm
profile you feed, the better results you get from the application, and that
directly relates to the precision with which you deliver a long-range

addicts would quickly notice that this combination is not the first
instance of the iPhone or iPod touch use with weaponry. For instance,
Apple’s App Store currently offers two additional applications other than BulletFlight. iSnipe is a $4.99 ballistic calculator similar to the
BulletFlight, although less sophisticated – so it mainly appeals to the shooting sport enthusiast.
Another free of charge app, ShotTimer, enables shooting sport enthusiasts to measure
the elapsed and split times for every shot fired with great
precision – simply by listening for shots via the handset’s built-in or
external microphone.

You can read more detailed description of these
two additional applications in the image gallery attached to this