Sony exec claims Xbox lacks longevity, PS3 destined to finish first

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Sony exec claims Xbox lacks longevity, PS3 destined to finish first

Tokyo (Japan) – Sony’s Computer Entertainment chairman, Kazuo Hirai, has expressed strong feelings and opinions regarding the gaming console industry. Hirai feels that the PlayStation 3 is well on its way to outselling and thriving better than the Xbox 360. He says Sony will “continue official leadership in this industry.”

Hirai told Official PlayStation Magazine that “official leadership” does not depend upon how many consoles are sold, or whose numbers are higher.

He claimed that the Xbox 360 is “something that lacks longevity.” His reasoning for making that leap is that Microsoft hasn’t ever had a console on the market more than five years, and PlayStation 3 has already committed to a ten year life cycle.

Hirai also said that “unless things go really bad, [then] there’s no way that at the end of a life cycle our competition is going to have a higher install base.”

It would just so happen that the Nintendo Wii is not among what Sony considers to be their competition. Sony doesn’t “look at [the Wii] console as being competitors [since] they’re a different world and we operate in our world”. Microsoft has also claimed they dominate worldwide as far as consoles go, as long as the Wii wasn’t placed in the same market.

At this point the Xbox 360’s lead is nearly 2:1 over the PlayStation 3 – selling 8 million more units worldwide. The Wii, however has outperformed both systems worldwide with 34.55 million units sold prior to the holiday season. Nintendo sold 2.15 million Wiis in December alone.

Analysts claim Sony will reduce the PlayStation 3’s price by April, and Michael Patcher, Wedbush Morgan analyst, believes the PlayStation 3 would have no problems outselling the Xbox 360 if the two consoles were equally priced.