Nvidia bundles Quadro CX with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

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Nvidia bundles Quadro CX with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Santa Clara (CA) – Yesterday, Nvidia announced a new professional video editing accelerator bundle based upon their Quadro CX platform. Able to encode H.264 videos 4x faster than dual-core CPU, the combo (Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software and Quadro hardware) will sell for $1,999 until March 31, 2009. After that the bundle will be $2,299. Quadro CX will sell stand-alone for $1,999 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 will sell stand-alone for $799.

Nvidia cites rendering times for a one-hour movie which today on an unspecified dual-core CPU require 10 hours. With Quadro CX acceleration, it now takes 2 hours 35 minutes.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS4 does not require the Quadro CX to use GPU acceleration. According to Adobe’s knowledge base, the following applications can take advantage of multiple forms of GPU acceleration:

o Acrobat 9
o After Effects CS4
o Bridge CS4
o Flash Player 10
o Photoshop CS4
o Premiere Pro CS4

Adobe has tested the following video cards and hardware combinations and found them to work correctly with these above products. Note: Some products will yield less performance than others, but even the slowest GPUs will yield substantial increases in performance compared to CPU-only systems:

GPU acceleration products certified by Adobe

NvidiaGeForce 6 Series6800 Ultra
NvidiaGeForce 7 Series7800 GTX
NvidiaGeForce 8 Series8800 GT
NvidiaGeForce 9 Series9600GT,
(single GPU
NvidiaQuadro FX1700Mid-Range
NvidiaQuadro FX4600High
NvidiaQuadro FX5600Ultra High-End
AMD / ATIRadeon X1000 Series1900
AMD / ATIRadeon HD2000 SeriesHD2900 XT
AMD / ATIRadeon HD3000 SeriesHD3870 X2
AMD / ATIFireGL V-Avivo SeriesV5600Mid-Range
AMD / ATIFireGL V-Avivo SeriesV7600High
AMD / ATIFireGL V-Avivo SeriesV8650Ultra High-End
Mac ProFirst GenerationAMD / ATIRadeon X1900
Mac ProSecond GenerationNvidiaGeForce 8800 GT
iMacNvidiaGeForce 8800 GS
MacBook ProNvidiaGeForce 8800M GT

See Nvidia’s press release.