Intel’s Pineview and Pine Trail-M coming 2H09

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Intel's Pineview and Pine Trail-M coming 2H09

Santa Clara (CA) – DigiTimes is reporting Intel’s planned 2H09 launch of its next-generation Atom CPU, codenamed Pineview. It will arrive in dual-core for nettops and single-core versions for netbooks, according to cited notebook makers.

The Pineview CPU is built on 45nm processes with a built-in memory and integrated graphics controllers. The new Pine Trail-M platform will be 60% smaller than Atom’s N270, support higher CPU frequencies, memory at 667 MHz and integrated graphics at 200 MHz (up from 133 MHz). All for 7 watts max compared to previous 8 watts max, and with 2 watts average power consumption. The Pine Trail-M and Pineview CPUs will cost less than previous generations

See DigiTimes.