YouTube now accessible by television via Wii and PS3

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YouTube now accessible by television via Wii and PS3

San Bruno (CA) – On Thursday, YouTube announced the launch of the YouTube for television portion of the website that has a new user interface designed for simplified viewing on television screens. The service will be enabled in beta by users with either Wiis or PS3s.

The transition from computer to television started in 2007 via AppleTV. Now other manufactures are beginning to produce their own versions of the device.

YouTube’s blog explains “The TV Web site offers a dynamic, lean-back, 10-foot television viewing experience through a streamlined interface that enables you to discover, watch, and share YouTube videos on any TV screen with just a few quick clicks of your remote control.”

YouTube will now be offering an auto-play feature which allows views to view related videos in order without having to move around to click the next video, meaning little work will be required on your part.

Currently you can test the beta version of YouTube on Television via Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, in 22 countries in 12 different languages.

It has yet to be determined whether individuals will utilize their televisions to watch YouTube, as individuals tend to prefer television programming over user-created content when viewing from home.