Intel to introduce new CULV platform Q2’2009

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Intel to introduce new CULV platform Q2'2009

Santa Clara (CA) – DigiTimes is reporting a new Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage (CULV) platform will be delivered by Intel sometime in Q2’2009, with 10 million units shipped by year’s end. HP is also planning Atom-based products for a mid-year introduction as well. It is believed Intel’s targeting AMD’s Yukon platform with the offering.

According to the article, the notebook market will be divided into four segments: 12.1″ and above, Atom or Pineview-based netbooks, Menlow-based MIDs and ultra-portable notebooks with displays ranging from 11.0″ to 13.3″. For a view on this type of market division, see TG Daily’s opinion article on soft limitations.

See DigiTimes.