CES 2009: MECO Strives to be a Sofaside PC

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CES 2009: MECO Strives to be a Sofaside PC

Las Vegas (NV) – Some of the more unique and higher end items showing up on the CES floor don’t get immediately noticed among the huge flurry of news items hitting the wires. One which happens to grab us though is an already on the market “digital command center” called the MediaCore (MECO). It seems to be a desirable “big boy toy,” and pricing begins around $5,000. Ouch!

The MECO, developed by Pearing Core Systems, is a stylish, hand-crafted cabinet housing a full-featured PC running Windows Media Center. It is designed to eliminate the clutter around home media. The cabinet sports two cable boxes, a wireless router, both Blu-ray and DVD-RW/CD-RW drives built-in to the PC, and some additional room which, according to Pearing, can be used for new stuff, more components and other enthusiast gadgets.

Highlighted features of the MECO include a range of finishes for the cabinet, an access system which lets you get at components from either the front or back, along with a special venting unit complete with fan and ducting, and the ability to purchase the enclosure without any components – just in case one wanted to create the illusion of having spent $5,000. Or, if they wanted to build their own system from the ground up.

MECO systems are currently available in three different categories, with multiple item packages available in each.