Intel and Adobe team up for TVs with Flash

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Intel and Adobe team up for TVs with Flash

San Jose (CA) – Intel and Adobe are teaming up to bring Adobe’s Flash technology (the browser plug-in, not SDD storage) to Intel’s upcoming Media Processor CE 3100 for TVs. The first products are expected mid-2009.

According to Intel, Adobe’s Flash Platform will bring high-definition capabilities and will create “a powerful entertainment hub capable of delivering rich Web content and Adobe Flash based applications to an array of Internet-connected CE devices.”

Intel’s Media Processor CE 3100 is an integrated system-on-chips (SoCs) design which provides hardware compute support for the application, in this case TV display with digital add-on abilities.

Adobe’s Flash technology is the familiar multi-media, rich graphics technology that brings web pages to life (though I personally wish there was a right-click way to turn some of the more annoying ones off) and allows video to work in SWF format (like YouTube and Google Video).

In May 2008, Intel and Adobe also began working on The Open Screen project. Today, more than 20 “major industry partners” are involved and intend to enable “web content, standalone applications and full web browsing across television, set-top boxes, mobile devices and other consumer electronics that take advantage of Adobe AIR and Flash capabilities.”

The Open Screen Project strives to remove barriers for developers, primarily so they can produce code which publishes richer content on a wider array of devices – again showing that an open standard is of supreme benefit.

View’s press release.