77% of U.S. users watched online videos in November

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77% of U.S. users watched online videos in November

More than three quarters of the U.S. online population accessed at least online video in November, according to estimates published by Comscore today. More than 146 million unique users watched a total of 12.7 billion videos, the firm said.

The average length of viewed online video content was 3.1 minutes and the average online video viewer is believed to have watched 273 minutes of video in November. The lion’s share of online video viewing went to Google’s YouTube, which provided 5.1 billion online video streams to 97 million unique viewers, (52.3 videos per viewer).

Google dominates the market segment with a share of 40.3%, followed by Fox, which recorded 439 million video streams (3.5% share) to about 58 million users. The top 5 is rounded out by Viacom (324 million streams), Yahoo (304 million) and Microsoft (296 million).

Hulu remained at #6 with 227 million streams and 22 million users. However, Hulu seems to be carving out its niche as its viewers spend more time on the site (11.9 minutes on average) than on any other online video site.