’s best and worst CEOs of 2008

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Chicago (IL) – made headlines earlier this year by allowing people to rate their company’s CEO, anonymously review their employers, share salary information, and discuss work environment. The website has now released a list of the naughtiest and nicest chief executives of 2008 based solely on user/employee reviews.

Arthur Levinson, chief executive of Genentech was the nicest boss in 2008, received a 93% on He is described as allowing employees at all levels to take part in the decision making process and also allowing each individual to voice their opinion. The other nine bosses on the nice list were Steve Jobs of Apple, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Eric Schmidt of Google, A. G. Lafley of Procter and Gamble, Ian Davis of McKinsey & Company, Ken Chenault of American Express, Jen-Hsun Huang of Nvidia, Shantanu Narayen of Adobe and Dan Warmenhoven of Netapp. Warmenhoven closed the list with a 78% approval rating.

Six out of ten of the bosses that made the nice list are from Silicon Valley firms. Even though Wall Street had a tough year and there were some several who should be credited with creating a whole new category of “naughty”, two bosses still made their way to the nice list.

So, what about the naughty ones?  Steve Odland of Office Depot had the highest disapproval rating at 80% (approval: 4%). He has been accused of not understanding his own business and poorly treating employees. The list continued with nine other worst rated bosses – they were Anthony LaFetra of Rain Bird, Randy Falco of AOL, Greg Brown of Motorola, Ron Rittenmeyer of EDS, James Pouliot of CSAA Inter-Insurance Bureau, Kevin Sharer of Amgen, Lynn R. Blodgett of Affiliated Computer Services, Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems, and John Donahoe of eBay. Donahoe had a disapproval rating of 49% (approval: 20%).

Interestingly, AMD is missing from this list, despite the fact that the company’s former CEO Hector Ruiz was leading the worst CEO list earlier this year. Since then, Dirk Meyer was appointed CEO and currently has an approval rating of 44%.
Other notable CEO approval ratings listed on include Steve Ballmer (Microsoft, 44%), Jerry Yang (Yahoo, 35%), Paul Otellini (Intel, 61%), Mark Hurd (HP, 42%), Michael Dell (Dell, 54%) and Larry Ellison (Oracle, 63%).