Atom is not for Nvidia, says Intel

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Atom is not for Nvidia, says Intel

Santa Clara (CA) – Despite recent attempts by Nvidia to garner system maker support to help force Intel to open up the Atom platform to competing products from Nvidia (and others), Intel says “No, it’s just for Intel chipsets. Period. End of discussion.”

DigiTimes is reporting that an “internal statement distributed to hardware makers recently” reiterated that Atom CPUs for notebooks and nettops are only available with the bundled i945GSE and i945GC chipsets. There will be no third party chipsets that use Atom.

This leaves Nvidia out in the cold with their MCP79 chipset designed for Atom.

It seems its up to us (the consumers). If we can force Intel’s hand on this, then they’ll have no choice. So, what do you think? Is it time to boycott Atom until they open up for Nvidia and others? Remember, VIA’s Trinity platform delivers commensurate performance and is not based on Atom technology at all. We can all rely on that until such time as Intel gives in.