Analyst feels Apple will unveil its new netbook next month

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Analyst feels Apple will unveil its new netbook next month

Hampton (NH) – On Tuesday, Analyst Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research, Inc. stated that Apple will introduce two netbooks at the MacWorld Conference and Expo in January. He claims the two books will be linked to the Apple App Store – just as the iPhone is.

Gottheil claims he has no insider information, no sources, but rather has come to this conclusion through sheer speculation.

One of the major reasons he believes this theory is that in our downward spiraling economy, individuals have begun purchasing laptops and computers that are the least expensive. This coupled with comments made by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple regarding “a pair of netbooks” which caused Gottheil to speculate that the company will debut the netbooks at the conference in January, and then deliver them to the public sometime in the middle of 2009.

Gottheil feels that Apple will be entering the netbook market sometime in the first half of 2009, mainly due to consumers tightening the reins on spending. Unlike other computer manufacturers Apple has avoided reducing prices and entering into the lower priced markets.

Gotheil says the fear for Apple is that if they strip down their MacBook, it might hurt sales on their higher-priced technologies. Therefore, he thinks Apple must take a completely different approach.

He believes Apple will introduce netbooks that exist in an Apple-controlled “closed system.” In this environment, software can only be purchased through the Apple Store, with device restore and reconfiguration conducted via iTunes. In his vision, a user can backup their netbook using an optional online service much like MobileMe, though add-on choices would be limited, and paid for.

He believes this method of having complete control over the hardware will keep Apple in the game, and allow them to continue the sale of their higher priced, better performing products while at the same time attracting a different clientele, one which caters to the downward spiraling economy.

Gottheil says Apple already has what it takes to completely change the netbook category – at least in terms of hardware and abilities.