Mozilla releases eight patches for Firefox browser

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Mozilla releases eight patches for Firefox browser

Chicago (IL) – Mozilla announced yesterday versions 3.0.5 and updates which correct eight flaws in the Firefox browser, three of which are considered critical. The new versions are available for immediate download.

The patches address security and stability issues, as well as adding new languages (Bengali, Esperanto, Galician, Hindi and Latvian). The EULA (End-User License Agreement) is also updated with a “Know Your Rights” function available during installation.

Additional bug fixes included an issue with installing multiple signed XPIs simultaneously. When this happened previous versions of Firefox would fail. Several issues with the “accessibility implementation.” A new OS-specific info packet was added to the crash-reporter.

This update also removes a phishing filter from 2.0. That version of Firefox uses an outdated protocol for black-listing Google’s list of phishing sites. Firefox 2.0 users are being urged to upgrade to 3.0 (see our coverage on short life left for 2.0).

The complete list of Firefox bugs can be found here.