Google releases maps editor for Android G1

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Google releases maps editor for Android G1

Google has released a new application for Android-powered cellphones that lets users create, edit, share and view personalized maps on the go, and to synchronize them with the My Maps tab on Google Maps web application. The search giant said that users get full editing functionality for markers, lines, and shapes on maps, in addition to attaching a photo to a map directly from a smartphone and tagging locations on a map using built-in GPS.

The search giant said that the application makes it entirely possible to edit Google Maps content directly on an Android-powered smartphone (like T-Mobile’s Android G1). The “My Maps Editor” enables map editing on the handset with syncing over-the-air to the user’s Google account. Such personalized maps then appear under the “My Maps Editor” tab in the Google Maps web application. Changes made there automatically sync back to the handset too.

The search giant said the application supports full editing functionality for markers, lines, and shapes on maps. “The possibilities are endless when your maps are in the palm of your hand,” said the company.

Possible uses might include creating and editing shopping routes, and tracking travels on the go. For instance, users might first create a shopping route on Google Maps on their desktops and color code the markers according to importance and then change icons while on the go to indicate visited stores.

The feature comes in especially handy for marking key travelling points using handset GPS and attach images taken using a cellphone camera. This enables users to visually re-visit destinations they travelled to on a desktop and share such maps with contacts or post them to a website.

Google software engineer Brian Cornell said the application was created in just four months using 20% of his Google time. This demonstrates the ease of Android development, according to Cornell.

The “My Maps Editor” currently works with T-Mobile’s Android G1 handset but it should also work on future Android-powered devices like the unlocked Agora smartphones scheduled for end of January 2009.