Turn your iPhone into an iPhone Shuffle

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Turn your iPhone into an iPhone Shuffle

San Francisco (CA) – With the MacWorld conference coming fast in January, the rumor mills have already begun churning out their theories in big ways. It seems everybody with Internet access is trying to figure out what will be the next big thing each of us must have. In the meantime, however, there are some real possibilities which might warrant some focus or attention.

Historical events

The upcoming MacWorld conference is being held from January 5th to January 9th 2009. Typically in the past, MacWorld is the event where Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, delivers his biggest product announcements.

For example, two years ago Jobs utilized the event to publicize the news regarding the first iPhone. So, it makes a lot of sense that there will be some upgrades or changes coming to the device this year – especially now that complaints have been heard and users have expressed their desires. Apple has the opportunity to address their user’s concerns in this public forum.

iDealsChina has rumored that the “Nano iPhone” would be available. However, the device is likely nothing more than just a rumor. It isn’t really much smaller than the regular iPhone 3G, and it doesn’t have 3G technology. iDealsChina has also been known to be a somewhat questionable source in the past. So we may be able to leave that rumor aside.

iPhone Shuffle

Wired.com has given its readers a unique take on the many rumors by designing the iPhone Shuffle concept. This phone would be an excellent tool for individuals constantly on the go. It would be equipped with voice dialing, computer syncing, and an MP3 player and it would work much like your standard iPod Shuffle.

The design has no holes for the microphone or the speakers, however. So, when you want to use the phone for making a call you’d be required to connect an iPhone headset, this design would keep with the sleek, clean lines desired and constantly obtained by Jobs.

Wired.com is also offering individuals the chance to design their own iPhone concept to go along with the rumor mill of 2009. Awards will be given for the best concepts.