MySpace now on the bandwagon with its own ID

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MySpace now on the bandwagon with its own ID

Chicago (IL) – Just a few months ago, MySpace began unveiling details and information about its Facebook Connect rival called MySpace Data Availability. At that point in time it was not exactly clear  what the product would include. However, it was obvious that it would not be a proprietary solution like Facebook Connect and it would rely on the Open Stack concept utilizing OAuth, OpenID and OpenSocial instead. MySpace Data Availability is now available MyspaceID and should help launching open source products into the future.

It appears to be an obvious attempt to stick it to Facebook: MySpace follows a much more open path with its MyspaceID sign-on strategy and even included Google’s new Friend Connect service, which Facebook has chosen not to use.

It is already clear that this release from MySpace is setting the stage for the battle to who controls the single log-in market – the proprietary Facebook-Microsoft or the open MySpace-Google. However, at first sight, the combination of MyspaceID and Google Friend Connect will allow all MySpaceID partners to deliver much more social functionality without entering into a lengthy developmental phase.
The initial MyspaceID release is very limited in scope allowing users to link their profile information to third party sites and to choose friends who visit those sites. The number of sites currently supporting the Myspace ID is also limited – Netvibes and Vodafone are among the launch partners.

MyspaceID provides a simple single login identity that allows users to manage their connections over multiple social sites. It is a win-win situation for the majority of users, and depending upon how this whole competition shakes out, it could aid in shaping the future of open web technology.
The downside, of course is, that users will still have to choose one of the two ID networks (and deal with a sign-on instead of only one). At least at this time it is unclear which one will win.