Xbox 360 slaughtered PS3 on Black Friday, Microsoft claims

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Xbox 360 slaughtered PS3 on Black Friday, Microsoft claims

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft said that its Xbox 360 game console had its most successful Black Friday yet, selling 25% more units than in 2007 – and outselling Sony’s PS3 by a ratio of 3:1.

The most sough-after game console may once again be Nintendo’s Wii. But even if the Wii is out of reach for Microsoft and Sony, Microsoft is convinced that it beat the PS3 in Black Friday sales. If Microsoft is correct, Sony’s Black Friday may have been a disaster and the Xbox 360 is selling on a record pace.

Supported by game titles such as “Gears of War 2,” “Fable II,” and “Lips”, Microsoft described a “historic Black Friday for Xbox 360”, with a 25% increase in sold units over Black Friday 2007. The absolute number was not released, but if we use the November 2007 sales estimate of 770,000 units and a generally slowing economy in consideration, then Microsoft should have been able to at least hit the same number once again this year.

The PS3 sold 466,000 units in November 2007, according to NPD – and Black Friday was a big contributor to this number. Sony remained quiet about its Black Friday result and simply reported that it has updated its PS3 firmware to version 2.53, which adds full-screen flash playback support and Live movie RTMP capability.

Nintendo sold 981,000 Wii’s in November of last year and is generally expected to have sold well over 1 million units last month.   
Microsoft said that Xbox 360 sales have also surged worldwide since the September price drop, outselling the PlayStation 3 week over week across Europe. Console sales in Europe are up as much as 400%, with sales nearly double year over year and reaching 7 million consoles sold this generation, Microsoft said.

Of course, this is only Microsoft’s view and we will have to wait for NPD’s market estimates to find out more about the actual unit sales.