Hitachi and Intel to develop breakthrough enterprise-class SSDs by early 2010

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Hitachi and Intel to develop breakthrough enterprise-class SSDs by early 2010

San Jose and Santa Clara (CA) – In a joint press release, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) and Intel Corporation announced today they’ve signed a joint development agreement for breakthrough performance enterprise-class solid state drives (SSD). Products are expected for servers, workstations and storage systems by “early 2010,” according to Intel.

Intel NAND-based

The new generation of SSDs will be branded and sold exclusively by Hitachi GST. They will use Intel NAND flash and are targeted at extremely high I/O Operations Per Second (IOPS), as well as power and efficiency.

The press release calls for “world-class solutions in terms of reliability, performance and system compatibility.” The two companies will work together exclusively to deliver enterprise SSDs with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces. The first products “expected to be available in early 2010.”

Architectural breakthroughs

Randy Wilhelm, VP and GM of Intel NAND Solutions Group, stated “The new solid-state drives for the enterprise include a number of architectural breakthroughs and improve performance and energy usage models that will change enterprise computing. Intel and Hitachi GST share a common objective in delivering SAS/FC products based on solid-state technology that will help enterprise customers meet the skyrocketing demands for performance while reducing space, power and cooling costs.”

Initial products are expected in “early 2010.” Hitachi employs 390,000 people worldwide (32,000 in GST division alone), and in fiscal 2007 had a total corporate revenue from all areas of operations exceeding $112 billion (11.2 trillion yen). Intel employs over 80,000 people worldwide and in 2007 had a total revenue of nearly $34 billion.