Intel retires more CPUs, quad-core Q6700 and dual-core E4700

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Intel retires more CPUs, quad-core Q6700 and dual-core E4700

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel announced today it is retiring the Intel Core 2 Q6700 quad-core processor based on the 65nm Kentsfield core at G0 stepping. Also retiring is the 65nm Allendale-based Core 2 Duo E4700 dual-core processor, also at G0 stepping.


At 2.66 GHz, it contains dual 4MB L2 caches, two dies of 143 mm^2 each. Each core contains 64KB L1 cache. The chip package (dual dies inside) consumes up to 130 watts at 1.1 volts. It’s a LGA775 operating on a 10x multiplier using a 266 MHz FSB. It contains 528 million transistors. The Q6700 was based on Intel’s first quad-core design, and was released on July 22, 2007.


At 2.60 GHz, it contains a single 2MB L2 cache, a 64KB L1 cache, has a die size of 111 mm^2 and operates at 65 watts on 0.9 volts. It is also a LGA775 socket using a 13x multiplier on a 200 MHz FSB. It contains 167 million transistors. The E4700 has had a short life, just released on March 2, 2008.

Last order dates

Intel will be taking orders until March 24, 2009 and shipping until June 4, 2010 in trays, and until July 3, 2009 boxed. Read more about Intel quad-core processors here.