Spam levels increasing again

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Spam levels increasing again

San Jose (CA) – McColo, a major hoster of spamming services may have been shut down two weeks ago, but it was considered to be just a matter of time until the spam volumes would increase again. According to Symantec’s MessageLabs, the number of spam emails is already on the increase again – and almost twice the volume of spam after the McColo shutdown.

According to MessageLabs, spam levels decreased by about 80% when McColo was disconnected. However, the remaining 20% volume has already increased to 37% again. According to MessageLabs, the lag between the initial decline and the subsequent rise is attributed to the time it took for the botnet owners to find a new ISP and bandwidth provider.

“The Asprox and Rustock botnets are back with a vengeance after having found new command and control,” MessageLabs’ Matt Sergeant said.

“Cutwail never went away and it seems its owners have used the opportunity to increase output. Mega-D is also on the rise again, he said. Srizbi, having once been responsible for 50 percent of all spam, is now completely defunct. Without this botnet, spam levels won’t return to what they had been.”

Also, it was reported that McColo has agreements for a backup Internet connection with Sweden’s TeliaSonera – and in fact reconnected via TeliaSonera last Saturday and started the update of its servers back then.