SearchWiki Search personalized by Google

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SearchWiki Search personalized by Google

If you’ve ever had the desire to mark up your Google search results , that just might be possible now . Maybe you like foreign films, and the site you utilize to search is in third  position and you’d like to see it at the top. Maybe you want to add notes about what you liked from the site, or why you think it is an excellent source. Beginning today, you can do all of this and tailor your Google searches to what suits your direct need or want.

Google launched SearchWiki, which is a tool utilized to customize your search by deleting, adding, reranking, and even commenting on your specific search results. By simply clicking, you are be able to tailor the results and even add additional sites. You can write any notes you wish and attach them to different results. Anytime you do the same search in the future, your modifications will be there. Google stores your changes within your Google Account, which means that you need to have such an account to use SearchWiki.

Any changes you make only have an effect on your own searches. However, SearchWiki is a great way to offer your opinions and thoughts to other searchers. You will be able to view how the community as a whole has edited the results by utilizing the “see all notes for this SearchWiki” link.