Website shows ins and outs of female body in full 3D

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Website shows ins and outs of female body in full 3D

Newton (MA) – A company called Argosy Medical has been producing textbooks and computer simulations of human anatomy since 1990. They have created a website which now has over 400,000 subscribers. It shows the complete anatomy of an adult female in 3D. Individual organs can be displayed, highlighted, zoomed-in on, rotated, and much more. Combinations of organs can also be selected. It’s a virtual tour through one of the most amazing creations on Earth, the human body.

Internet Explorer based

The website requires free registration and operates only in Internet Explorer. The initial load time varies by connection speed, but is typically less than 2 minutes. Once loaded, the full 3D abilities of the computer are brought to bear on the organs. As with most computer games, on notebook computers the animation may be notably slower than is shown in the video below.

The female model can be rotated and positioned in every orientation allowing each organ to be viewed distinctly. Individual organs are selected via an easy-to-navigate menu on the left. And the 3D world view controls are also nearby.

Adult female

Initially, a nude adult female is presented with all organs selected. These can be clicked on to make semi-transparent, or to remove completely from the model. Controls allow for all inner and outer aspects of the model to be viewed from any angle.

Demonstrating VisibleBody’s female anatomy in 3D (13 pictures)

Visit the website at