Rumor – Next iPhone to have tactile feedback

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Rumor – Next iPhone to have tactile feedback

Cupertino (CA) – The next generation iPhone could have tactile feedback, according to  Apple and Immersion, creators of haptic and force-feedback technology, have been secretly meeting and could be close to sealing a deal to include tactile response on future iPhones. claims an insider source at Apple says two meetings were held between Apple and Immersion execs.  This actually seems plausible because Immersion’s board recently elected Clent Richardson – a former Apple vice president – to become the company’s President and CEO.  Richardson has also served as the Chief Marketing Officer for TiVo and Nortel.

The Apple iPhone has a virtual keyboard that requires users to tap letters, numbers and symbols on the screen and some type of force feedback could attract future buyers.  I personally would only buy an iPhone if they included the feel and sounds from the old IBM “clicky” keyboard.  Yes, I’m old school.

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