10 things you didn’t know about … Henri Richard

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10 things you didn’t know about … Henri Richard

10 personal questions and 10 personal answers from Henri Richard, Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Chief Marketing Officer at Freescale Semiconductor. Richard joined Freescale in September of 2007 as the firm’s top marketing executive, but is probably better known for his prominent role at AMD, which he left last September. At AMD, he oversaw AMD’s international sales force, corporate marketing and field marketing initiatives as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. Read how Richard answered our set of questions.

I couldn’t survive without … my Blackberry.

The best advice I ever got was … to “get speeding tickets, not parking tickets”.

A person/people I admire is …
my wife, who did a fabulous job raising  our four daughters while I was going around the world selling technology.

If I could go anywhere, or do anything … I would climb up Mount Everest.

A technology I have no use for is …
one that is based on non-renewable energy.

The best idea I had was …  to computerize my first business (a service  company) with an Apple II system. It defined the rest of my career.

Luxury is … not needed when you have friends and a loving family, but it doesn’t hurt to own a few luxury cars.

I wish I had invented … eBay.

My tombstone should read … “Lived his life in the fast lane”.

A person/trend/technology to watch … voice recognition will finally be a reality and change our relationship to electronic devices.