Psystar shows off video of Mac Clone (sort of)

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Psystar shows off video of Mac Clone (sort of)

Miami (Florida) – Psystar is a company that just continues to be on the news.  The company has released a video that shows its computers running XP, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X.  At the end of the video, viewers are treated to a glimpse of what appears to be the company’s business location.

In an article titled “A peek at Open Computers”, Psystar has a short QuickTime video, which apparently was created on Final Cut.  “Sorry about being Quicktime-only but this was put together in OS X Leopard, using Final Cut Pro, on an Open Computer,” Psystar says.

The video shows its computers running various operating systems and Quake 4 (supposedly with all the settings turned up).  Psystar has been advertising a $399 “Open Computer” which can run Mac OS X.  The company said it began shipping computers earlier this week. 

But the eagled-eyed folks at MacCast claim that the video is very suspicious as the cabling arrangement doesn’t look correct.  The computers running Ubuntu and Windows XP have visible cables connecting the machine and monitors, but the machine running Mac OS X has cables coming from the other direction. Here is what we don’t understand: If the company says it created the video with Final Cut running on an Open Computer, why didn’t they show off Final Cut instead of Quake 4?  In addition to the cabling issue, the final shot of the location front shows an odd phone number 305-356-6666, which isn’t listed – according to the comments in the MacCast article.

It looks like everyone will find out if the company is real or not.  If it truly did begin shipping computers earlier this week, then the first buyers should be getting their computers just about now.