Stanford releases new GPU client for Folding@Home project

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Stanford releases new GPU client for Folding@Home project

Stanford (CA) – The Folding@Home team, headed by Vijay Pande, has released a new version of its GPU client: Folding@Home is now supporting AMD’s Radeon HD 2000 and 3000 series.

The GPU2 Open Beta can be downloaded from Vijay’s blog. The software is part of the version 6 of the Folding@Home engine, which should be a great improvement over version 5 – a generation that had been in use for several years.

First user reactions to GPU2 client were positive, and let’s hope that the team will continue to improve the client – to be more in line or even better than the PS3 client. Keep in mind that the PS3 client was written by Sony as a “go green” initiative for PS3 users. So far, the group is working hard on the visualizer, and of course on updating the points-per-day system. If you want to find out more about the client, check the FAQ.

At this time, there is no information when Folding@Home could be supported by Nvidia GPUs. Back at the launch of G80, or the original GeForce 8800, Adam Foat, Nvidia’s PR representative for Northern Europe was caught saying that Nvidia is also putting significant efforts into bringing Folding@Home to the GeForce and Quadro world, which could result in interesting benchmarking sessions, all for the well-being of mankind. So far, there is no Nvidia version of Folding@Home, but we all know that hope dies last.