Circuit City cuts HD DVD prices in half

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Circuit City cuts HD DVD prices in half

Circuit City has also begun clearing out its HD DVD inventory, cutting the prices of HD DVD movies by 50% in most of its stores, TG Daily was told. The move follows other chains, such as Best Buy: Last week we reported that some Best Buy stores have already removed all HD DVDs from its store shelves and others are trying to get rid of their inventory with price reductions of up to 70%.


As of this morning, there appear to be plenty of HD DVD inventory left in U.S. retail. According to, more than 100 stores offered HD DVD players, with prices ranging from $60 for the HD-A3 model to $240 for the HD-A35.

There is no current data on HD DVD sales and no indication if consumers are actually buying those reduced price HD DVDs. Amazon’s Bestseller list currently lists “I am Legend” as the most popular HD DVD ($18.99) at position 37 in its DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD ranking. The DVD versions are listed at #25 ($15.99) and #19 (special edition, $22.99), while the Blu-ray movie is listed at #3 ($18.95).