Gates may be deposed in case of Xbox house fire

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Gates may be deposed in case of Xbox house fire

San Diego (TX) – In 2006, a teenage girl was nearly killed when her home was set on fire, which was later blamed on faulty wiring in the family’s Xbox.  

Now the main lawyer in the case is offering Microsoft an ultimatum – agree to a settlement of $25 million or he will have Bill Gates testify on whether or not Microsoft was aware of the problems in advance.

Three years ago, Microsoft recalled over 14 million Xbox power cords because of the possibility of overheating.  For the Lazo family, though, the recall didn’t have the desired effect.

In June 2006, Kayla Lazo “virtually became melted” when the Xbox in the family’s San Diego, Texas home caught on fire and turned the house into a raging inferno, according to documents filed from family lawyer William Tinning.

After filing the lawsuit in November 2006, Tinning is now putting the pressure on Microsoft.  He wrote a letter demanding the software giant to agree to a $25 million settlement, threatening that if its demands were not met by April 18 it will try to force Bill Gates to testify in the case.

Kayla sustained substantial burns and ended up losing one of her legs.  Kayla’s mother Bonnie Broquet, who originally filed the suit, has since died due to unrelated causes.

Also named in the suit are Gamestop and Chinese power cord specialist Ji Haw Industrial.  At least four other high-profile fire cases have been attributed to faulty Xbox manufacturing.