Best Buy stores clearing out HD DVD inventory

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Best Buy stores clearing out HD DVD inventory

Dublin (CA) – Best Buy is apparently aiming for a quick transition to Blu-ray, as a reader has informed us that select Best Buy stores have begun get rid of their HD DVD movies with massive price cuts. Other Best Buy stores apparently are not even trying to sell HD DVDs anymore and are sending the movies back to publishers.

We were able to verify our reader’s observations at the Best Buy store in Dublin, CA. It turns out that the store is dumping its entire HD DVD stock: All movies are selling for $9.99, while TV shows are offered with a 70% discount.


We also checked two Best Buy stores in the Chicago area, which have a different strategy. At the time of our visit on Tuesday afternoon, all HD DVDs had been removed from store shelves. We were told that we still would be able to buy an HD DVD from the inventory “in the back” with a discount of 30%. However, both stores had no intentions of selling any HD DVDs (even if Toshiba HD DVD players were still on display): “We are sending them all back,” a sales clerk said.      

Sources told TG Daily that all unsold HD DVD movies will be returned at the end of this month, even though “I Am Legend” is yet to be released (April 8).


If a Best Buy store manager in your area has decided to clear the stock rather than to send it back, you may be able to get a good deal.

Of course, we can’t track the whole nation and international trends. If you have information specific to your area, feel free to post the information in a comment below or simply send us a feedback email.