Joost! debuts just in time for March Madness

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Joost! debuts just in time for March Madness

Mountain House (CA) – Starting yesterday, American TV viewers will tune in for NCAA’s March Madness, college basketball tournament that saw more giant killing feats in its history than any other. 65 male and 64 female teams will battle for their colleges for this year’s trophies.

What makes March Madness 2008 special is the fact that you can follow all of the games on Joost!, online TV service – created by authors of Skype. This is the first major sports championship where Joost! is offering live coverage and no, you could not imagine a better stress test than numerous basketball games.

Joost! Can be downloaded from the site here (, while the schedule for the streams is on the website, please have in mind that all times stated are EST (GMT -4). If you get tired of basketball, there is plenty of content available (nothing beats seeing MacGyver during the break).