BD-Live coming to the PS3

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BD-Live coming to the PS3

Foster City (CA) – The Playstation 3 is likely to retain its reputation as the most popular playback platform for Blu-ray content as Sony announced that owners of the console will “soon” be able to upgrade to firmware version 2.20 which will add Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 support as well as improved interoperability with the Playstation Portable (PSP).

Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0, commonly referred to as BD-Live, will add another layer of interactivity to the PS3, enabling users to download content related to movie content, such as bonus scenes, trailers, subtitles or ringtones. BD Live also provides movie publishers to market movie-based games. The new feature will consume about 1 GB of storage space on the game console, Sony said.

Sony’s first BD Live titles will be Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and The 6th Day, both scheduled to be released on April 8.

Additionally, the 2.20 firmware update will allow PS3 owners to copy music and photo playlists to PSP systems. Also included is a new “Resume play “feature to start playing a Blu-ray disc or a DVD at the point it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed, an updated Internet browser, as well as support for DivX and WMV videos with file sizes greater than 2 GB.

 “With Blu-ray established as the high-definition optical disc standard, more consumers are ready to jump in and take advantage of everything the format offers,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA, in a prepared statement. The executive noted that “these regular firmware updates” will be an important tool to enable a 10-year lifecycle for the PS3.